We need to Reform our Economy, Reform our Public Sector and Reform our Institutions

It's Time for Reform!

We can make Britain great again.To do this, reform is essential in the way our country is run and managed, so it works properly for the people.

In many areas, just the application of basic common sense would be a good start! The nation faces many challenges, but we can overcome them. To succeed, we need to do Brexit properly. We must grow our way out of the crisis, we cannot tax our way out of it. We must stand up for our core democratic values, our civil liberties, our right to free speech.

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Why vote Reform?

Eight reasons why you should...

  1. If you want to stop illegal and unlimited immigration and allow only legal and limited immigration, then vote Reform UK.
  2. If you are fed up with sky high energy costs, and you don’t want to have to choose between heating and eating, then vote Reform UK.
  3. If you want a functional efficient NHS and think that we need to fully investigate excess deaths and increased sickness since the Covid vaccine rollout, then vote Reform UK.
  4. If you think the Police should be investigating real crimes such as burglary, robbery, and knife crimes rather than wasting time confusing free speech and thought crimes with “Hate speech”, the vote Reform UK.
  5. If you are fed up with the government attacking motorists with ever higher costs, fines and taxes, (and potholes), then vote Reform UK.
  6. If you agree that people have a moral duty to work and that benefits are a safety net, not a lifestyle choice, then vote Reform UK.
  7. If you agree that as an Independent Sovereign Nation, the UK should not take orders from unelected supranational bodies such as the EU, WHO, UN, or WEF then vote Reform UK.
  8. If you think politicians must enact their manifesto promises; and that they should not say one thing but do the opposite, then vote Reform UK.

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If you agree, vote for me:

Paul Godfrey

Reform UK - Brentwood and Ongar

What's in it for Brentwood & Ongar

Disillusioned ex-Tories will not want to vote Conservative on July the 4th ; they will either stay at home and chose not to vote, or switch to a different party. This is the beginning of the end for the Tory party as we know it.

Brentwood has traditionally been a Tory constituency for as long as I can remember, and although we are lucky enough not to suffer the extent of the social, cultural and economic issues plaguing some areas of the country, it’s only a matter of time.

Our national policies are strong, costed, common sense solutions that bring positive benefit locally as well as nationally. We don’t need to overcomplicate things. Government, both locally and nationally should be there to facilitate, support and protect free enterprise, without interference or overreach. They should protect people from harm and provide support for those that need support. They should do all with responsibility to both their fiscal and the moral obligations.

I need your support to help fund the biggest campaign possible ahead of our Brentwood & Ongar General Election Campaign in 2024.